4-H Camps and Conferences

4-H camps and conferences are a great way to build communication, responsibility and teamwork, make good decisions and so much more! 4-H Camp is open to all enrolled 4-H Members in grades 4th-8th Grade. There are different camps for different grade divisions.

Jr. 4-H Camp (4th-6th grade)

Jr. 4-H Camp is held at the Clyde Austin 4-H Center in Greeneville, TN. The Clyde Austin 4-H Camp is ACA certified. The camp has beautiful cabins and there are many activities that will keep you busy throughout the week including: swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sitting around the campfire, playing games including, basketball, Ga Ga ball and MUCH more!

Jr. High Camp (7-8th Grade)

Jr. High camp gives you that same great camping experience that you had during Jr. Camp but much more. You get to attend cool classes and even go on an off camp adventure. There are TONS of opportunities.

Jr. High Academic Conference (6th-8th Grade)

Any junior high member enrolled in 4-H projects relating to one of the following 12 interest areas is eligible to complete an application form to attend Academic Conference: beef, citizenship, companion animals (cat or dog), consumer education, dairy, dairy foods/food nutrition, dog, forestry, garden/home horticulture, horse, line and design, meat goat, poultry, sheep, swine, veterinary science or wildlife/fisheries.

4-H Members who are selected receive a FREE trip to conference!

Applications for Jr. High Academic Conference are due in April.