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Walk Across TN- “Roane Walks”  – 2021 dates coming late spring!

Looking for a unique and fun way to motivate your employees, church members, county residents, or students to become physically active? Maybe you are looking for a way to help motivate yourself to become more physically active. Try Walk Across Tennessee! 

Walk Across Tennessee is a 6-week physical activity program for teams of four people. Team members do not have to walk together but can be a good source of motivation.

Each team should have a captain, responsible for turning in the team’s registration forms (if not done online) or entering the team’s info. into the online database. 

Captains will also report their weekly mileage as a team. The Captain will email team members weekly emails with tips, encouragement and the latest team totals to help keep you on track with your fitness goals. This will be provided by FCS agent The teams will have a friendly competition to see who can log the most miles by walking, jogging, biking, dancing or other types of physical activity. Some may prefer to walk outside, while others walk on a treadmill. You may choose from a variety of activities by using  physical activity equivalents. There will be 1st and 2nd place winners for the most “miles” of exercise!  

Registration information:

Please complete this pre-registration form at the following links:
Each individual must fill out this form:

Team Captain must fill out this form:


Mileage Conversion Chart

Link to log miles 
Please complete this end of event survey at the end of the 6 weeks or complete the online survey ________  

Awards for winners will be held at the Extension Office. 

Look for more resources for fitness and nutrition online at the Walk Across Tennessee website.