Tennessee Nutrition Consumer Education Program (TNCEP) is a nutrition education program for individuals that are eligible or receiving SNAP benefits. We offer programs for multiple different audiences including seniors, families, pregnant women, and youth. Classes are taught weekly for 6-10 weeks depending on the curriculum being offered, and can last from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. We are also able to provide one time lessons depending on the need and availability of participants. We partner with many different organizations within the community to offer our classes all across Roane County. All classes are FREE, and you will leave with new knowledge about nutrition as well as plenty of kitchen equipment based incentives!

Adult Programs

A minimum eight-lesson series for individuals or families that encourages healthy eating, food safety, and physical activity with an emphasis on food resource management.
A series of lessons for pregnant women and parents of infants that teaches feeding practices for babies and children from pregnancy through adolescence. This curriculum encourages healthy eating, food safety, and physical activity.
A series of five educational activities designed to engage older adults and teach nutrition, food resource management, and food safety.

Youth Programs

A series of six interactive lessons to promote healthy eating, food safety and physical activity.
This program promotes age-appropriate activities for healthy eating combined with daily physical activity.
This interactive afterschool program teaches cooking skills, kitchen safety, nutrition, and promotes physical activity.
A series of six lessons teaching teens nutrition, food preparation and cooking, food safety, and physical activity.

If you are interested in more information about personalized nutrition or the MyPlate food groups, click here!

If you are interested in either partnering with us or enrolling in a class, please contact Kati Turnbo at the Roane County Extension office:

(865) 376-5558